Accelerate Your Learning and Life with our acclaimed Speed-Reading and Memory-Training Designed for Busy People & Organizations who want to
Achieve More in Less Time. 

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What you get with all our Kwik Learning Online programs:

Training That Fits Your Schedule

Find the most convenient time for you to go through the programs. You can schedule the trainings to go through a little bit each day or engage with them once a week. 
Discover which program is best for you.

Get Real Results

Measure your progress from Day 1 to the final day of the program. Unlike a lot of the programs out there, Kwik Learning trainings are designed to give you a measurable result at the end. Whether it’s your memory or reading speed, you will be able to see and track improvements along the way.

Lifetime Access & Support

With all our programs, you get unlimited lifetime access and support. Our amazing support team, along with our active community, is here to help you every step of the way to ensure your success. Join us today!

Kwik Learning Programs

Unleash Your Brainpower with Popular Kwik Learning Courses

Kwik Thinking

Learn how to Confidently make decisions, overcome limits both personal and professional, and maximize your success in all aspects of your life.

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Kwik Reading

Improve the four key elements of reading: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. Once you streamline such a major part of your workload, you’ll discover you have more hours in the day.

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Kwik Student

Kwik Student teaches you to hone the same advanced techniques we teach to Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Focus on sharpening your memory, learning, and reading abilities with this streamlined and affordable course.

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Kwik Masterclass

Jim's Recall Masterclass is for anyone who want to harness their brain’s power, quickly seeing results in every aspect of their lives. Learn Anything 2 to 3X Faster (And Make it “Stick” in Your Memory). 

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The Mission

I’ve spent the last 25 years helping people like you improve their memory, learn to speed-read, increase their decision-making skills, and unleash their superbrains.

Throughout my career, I’ve shared these same techniques with students at universities like NYU, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Singularity. I’ve also worked closely with companies like Nike and GE and Zappos to help their executives and employees get the most out of work and life. Even companies like SpaceX and Virgin, owned by billionaire geniuses like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, have trained with me.

In a world of spaceships and supercomputers, our education system still uses methods that are as old, and as ineffective, as the horse and buggy. I believe that the techniques I’ve developed over the years on how to learn – not just what to learn – should’ve been taught to us as schoolchildren. Luckily, it’s never too late to learn these skills!

No matter your age, background, or level of education, you can learn new ways to use your brain.

If you’ve been searching for better ways of coping and growing, I’m here to help you fall in love with learning again. Please, reach out and tell my team and I how we can serve you on your learning journey. And I can’t wait to be your brain coach.

"Jim’s training is incredible. I read faster because of Jim. I have a better memory because of him. LOVE his stuff. Get his course. It will change your life in ways you cannot imagine. "

Brendon Burchard
Founder of High Performance Academy & New York Times Bestselling Author

Get Instant Access To Our 3-Part Brain Training System


Get Instant Access To
Our 3-Part Brain Training System