Recall Masterclass

The World’s Top Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Experts Know It: In Business and Life…
The Two Costliest Words You Can Say Are: “I Forgot…”

How do you feel when you hear those two words? How do you feel when you SAY those two words.

In your business and personal life, these two little words can cost you. Big time.

Hi there, I’m Jim Kwik, found of Kwik Learning. For most of my life, I’ve sought to eliminate this phrase from my vocabulary. To do this, I asked myself one simple question.

What are the secrets to a faster, smarter, better brain?

The answer to this question is deceptively simple as well. Over the last 20 years, I have journeyed to more than 120 countries to teach thousands of people how to unlock their brain’s untapped super powers.

I love sharing my knowledge with the world. I often serve as a “mental coach” to leaders in education, entertainment, technology, and business.

With my Recall Masterclass, anyone can harness their brain’s power, quickly seeing results in every aspect of their lives.


My Masterclass will empower you to…

  • Learn Anything 2 to 3X Faster (And Make it “Stick” in Your Memory).
  • Deliver Any Speech or Presentation – Without a Single Note Card.
  • And Never Forget a Name or Face Again.

This course is just 12 short weeks. It doesn't take much of your time to change your life.


The course includes: 

  • 12 Weeks of the World’s Best Memory Training ($997 Value)
    (Twelve 1-hour online video coaching and digital presentations & Twelve weekly transcripts)
  • 12 Question & Answer Coaching Call Recordings ($997 Value)
  • BONUS TRAINING #1 ($197 value): How to Teach Your Children to Learn Quickly
  • BONUS TRAINING #2 ($197 value): Remembering Word-for-Word
  • BONUS TRAINING #3 ($197 value): How To Remember Your Dreams
  • Lifetime Access (Priceless)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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